Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artists' Village House

This is the front of the finished house. The roof is felted with various yarns some of which I dyed to get the variation in color that I was wanting to see.

When I was asked to participate in this project I was so excited. Then reality set in! How in the world do I do this and can I really make this work. A 3-D house with fabric and it's suppose to stand up by itself!
A vision of a beautiful butterfly kept popping into my head and so I decided to draw and paint a butterfly. After scaling it out I worked on PDF cotton and used Stewart Gill paints to get the depth of colors that I wanted for my butterfly. I then knitted some very garish neon lime green yarn, cut it up added my hand dyed wool roving and felted them to make the grass that the butterfly has landed on. And this became my roof!
Everything that came next was an afterthought! I loved the roof so much that I didn't want to finish the project....which is what happens to a lot of my stuff. But after procrastinating, I finally decided that the walls needed to be hand painted with windows and vines and little tiny flowers that have dimension that are totally out of scale with the butterfly. I still wanted that roof to be the only thing people noticed! After I turned it over to Kathy York I came up with so many other ways I could have made the walls....but too late. When I get it back I'm going to rework it, using the butterfly roof but take it to the next step in fantasy land!


  1. Connie, I love the way you describe your process. The grass is so much fun and the butterfly is a show stopper, for sure! Your house is wonderful!